Basketmouth reveals he may marry a Ghanaian

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Comedian Basketmouth after earlier taking to Social media to announce his divorce to his ex-wife late last year has now revealed he may be tempted to settle down with a Ghanaian lady

Late last year, the comedian announced his divorce stating “for the first and the last time as much as it pains me to bring my personal life to the public space, this is an unavoidable situation. After much deliberation, my wife and I have made the difficult decision to end our marriage. As we move forward separately, we will continue to work together to give our beautiful children all the care, love, guidance and support they need”

Basketmouth has now revealed his love for the Ghanaian language and is contemplating he idea of settling down with a Ghanaian lady whilst spending some time in Ghana “Twi is an amazing language, I am going to learn more. On my way here, I said to myself, wouldn’t it be cool to learn the language and come stay here for like a year? You know, just chill, get married to a Ghana woman and stuff”

He would conclude by adding “I am single but you know I am just kidding. I am not ready to jump into anything just yet…maybe am not kidding, who knows”

Basketmouth is one of the most famous names and face in the comedy industry in Africa and has managed to build a strong fanbase for himself in the diaspora as well as his rib-cracking jokes leaves his audience wanting more and has been into comedy for close to two decades. He usually organizes his own sitcoms and standup comedy shows which is frequently patronized by the elites.

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