Afia Schwarzenegger reveals giving up on smoking and ‘Cigarettes’

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Businesswoman and controversial Socialite Afia Schwarzenegger has revealed she has given up smoking and ‘Cigarettes’ due to the health complications she was experiencing

Afia Schwarzenegger made the revelation whilst speaking to Zionfelix in an interview with the Blogger from Germany ‘I don’t think anybody knows me more than my children and I also don’t think anybody knows my children more than myself. So, what will you tell children who know my weakness and my strength? That their mother used to drink? I have not stopped drinking so when I say I used to drink, it is bullshit!”

The controversial businesswoman would continue by revealing her children weren’t oblivious to her smoking habits “I used to smoke and my children knew it. I stopped smoking not because of society. Hello, hello, I didn’t do it for you. I stopped smoking because of my health. I had breathing difficulties and so many issues. I’m not the type of person who’s that strong”

Afia Schwarzenegger however insisted her decision was solely based on her introspection and not the advice of anybody “For me, it is not any pastor that sat me down to advise me against smoking. Nobody told me to stop smoking, I woke up and said ‘You know what, cigarrete is out’ And for drinking, I stopped then I went back. I will stop again and still go back and they (Children) know it”

Afia Schwarzenegger however doesn’t make the news for all the right reasons as she is often involved in online banters with other celebrities well and once revealed she helped an ungrateful Moesha Bundoung in the past “I don’t lie about people I helped…I pray you to get genuine help since every little thing you do confirms what the Doctors told me, in the presence of @nanaakuaaddo,@tracey_boakye @amrichie, and some of your relatives. If not for your sickness I would have beaten the shit out of you the day you slapped me. since you won’t listen to all I told you back door. Let me do it Publicly”

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