Accra-Kumasi: VIP JEOUN Transport increases fare again

Just two weeks after the 20% price increase on transport fares, the management of VIP JEOUN Transport Service has increased fares on the Accra-Kumasi route by another 20%.
On Monday morning, a ticket from Kumasi to Accra is selling for GH120 as compared to GH100 in the last two weeks and GH80 the previous three weeks.
Two weeks ago, Monday, October 24, 2022, the VIP JEOUN Transport Service, made up of private individual bus owners who have come together under the brand name VIP Jeoun increased fares by 20 per cent citing the rising cost of fuel and spare parts.

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union also followed up and increased fares by 19 percent.

On Monday morning, November 7, 2022, some commuters from Kumasi to Accra arrived at the Neoplan station [VIP station] at Asafo only to be told that the fare from Kumasi to Accra is now GH¢120 beginning this morning.

Diesel above GH¢23

The price of diesel shot up last week to GH¢23.49 per litre, according to latest prices advertised by TotalEnergies at the pumps, an increment of almost 40% overnight.

Petrol is selling at GH¢17.99 per litre, while Kerosene is selling at GH¢14.70.

The new prices took effect from Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

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