Abeiku Santana calls on Ghanaians to patronize local industry

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Media mogul Abeiku Santana has urged the Ghanaian populace to patronize local business in order for the local industry to thrive which according to him would be to the benefit of all

According to the Abeiku Santana who also an Entrepreneur himself, it was necessary to find innovative solutions to the basic needs of people such as accommodation, food, clothing  etc as it yields a bountiful return when it is done well “We have come to the dispensation where artificial intelligence is the order of the day. Artificial intelligence is a system, program that can analyze and collect data and you use it to process everything that you’re looking for”

Abeiku Santana who holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Cape Coast and a distinctive individual in the field of Tourism further added “If you check Abraham Maslow’s theory of needs, the basic one is accommodation, food, clothing.. Anyone who ventures into such business never goes wrong. If you venture into food, clothing, accommodation and pension, there is no way you’d go wrong”

The man who was awarded in 2020 as the Exclusive man of the year for his contribution to the growth of tourism in the country as well as the promotion of the local industry on a global level would conclude by advising “It is important that as Entrepreneurs, we find innovative ways of giving solutions to people’s problem. I’ll implore on all of us to make it work”

Abeiku Santana has been a leading advocate for the promotion of Ghana’s tourism and his efforts have earned him a global recognition as he together with some other outstanding individuals were made ambassadors during the ‘year of return’ initiative which saw many from the diaspora returning home to visit the touristic sites

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