A lot of Black American ladies have Ghanaian and African sponsors. – Lala

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Lala, a famous American actress, disclosed during an interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ that many Black American ladies have African and Ghanaian men as sponsors.

Lala whose full name is La La Anthony had this to say; “Girls always say the guys over there (Ghana) spend a lot. Let me tell you something, you’re not girls so you don’t know what’s going on out there. Usually, a lot of girls I talk to, not all but a lot have an African sponsor.. It might not be the person that is out and all about but somewhere in their roster, there’s an African sponsor”

Lala also offered her opinion about the famous movie ‘Girls trip’ sequel which is set to be shot in Ghana and it’s going to feature a tall list of stars including Queen Latifah. Jada Pinkett, Regina Hall and so many more. Lala would later talk about how the country has become a preferred Christmas destination “I love the idea of sending ‘Girls Trip’ to Ghana because it allows people who might never have the experience of going there to see what it is like. Experience the culture through the movie and just the incredible cast.”

Lala further added how the country Ghana has become the favourite Christmas and holiday destination for a lot “For Christmas, it is all I hear about, Ghana, Ghana”

Lala is a popular American actress who has worked on numerous movie projects whose popularity as an actress saw a meteoric rise after her performance in the Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) executive-produced ‘Power’ which has become a favourite for most Americans.


Let us know what you make of Lala’s claim about a lot of Black Americans having Ghanaian and African sponsors in our comments box, this has been your errand boy with words as feet!

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