Zylofon Arts Fund And Ghana Models Union Of Ghana Signs Partnership Deal

3rd of October, 2018 saw the birth of a partnership between Zylofon Arts Fund (ZAF) and Models Union Of Ghana(MODUGA) to promote, market, sell and protect film, music and other creative contents on the market.

The Ghanaian film industry is one that has the capacity to contribute meaningfully to the economy of Ghana and change the narrative of the culture of Ghanaians both home and abroad.

Unfortunately, the Ghana film industry has commercially experienced a downward trend for the past 10 years as such, industry experts and practitioners have yearned for an upward improvement but with no avail.

Zylofon Arts Fun, a subsidiary of Zylofon Group and an NGO, have for the past months into existence have invested heavily into the film industry to experience the advent of a booming Ghanaian film industry and the high spirit of movie delivery to a success.

Indeed, the ZAF Board has been working tirelessly to revamp the Creative Arts Industry by creating jobs, providing the enabling environment and build the required structures to let Ghana Film Producers produce quality movies to market, distribute and sell to generate decent revenues to bring the industry back on track.

As a result of this, ZAF has strategically partnered with Models Union Of Ghana to come together and support the film Industry to facilitate the sale and distribution of hard copies of made in Ghana movies to enable Producers make good income.


Nana Brew who handle as Board Member of Zylofon Arts Fund revealed, the partnership between the two institutions comes a long standing of marriage with no divorce ahead.

”There are going to be more initiatives in the coming days, measures have been undertaken to improve quality and security of these DVDs about to go on the market for sales” – he said.

According to him, The models from the union will assist in marketing the movies to complement the efforts of the various ZAF distribution outlets across the country, in exchange for commission based wages.


Speaking at the gathering, President for the Models Union of Ghana, Lilian Sally Addo said the initiative was necessary to boost the industry and change negative perception about modelling in Ghana.

Speaking exclusively to www.bibinionline.com, she said the time had come for corporate Ghana to recognize young talented Ghanaian models as better marketers of their brand and potential ambassadors.

“Modelling is not only about wearing skimpy dresses and walking on the runway. There is so much more to it. We have some models doing great things outside the industry and still modelling, so you don’t only have to take pictures and put it on social media,” she said.


She added, “Modelling is more than that and we need to get people to take us more seriously. This collaboration will be used to set standards and also connect all the modelling agencies across the 10 regions. Now that there is an umbrella body, models, agents and agencies can all work together, and the outstanding ones will be recognized so others are encouraged.”

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