“You Lure Girls, Drug and Impregnate Them” – Kennedy Agyapong’s Baby Mama Reveals

Baby Mama of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, known as Moira Dawson-Williams has revealed allegations about the lawmaker.

Madam Moira made some posts on her Facebook wall sighted by www.bibinionline.com, she reacted to the recent comments made by Kennedy during an interview on Atinka TV.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong  said that his daughter Anell is a school drop out, a drug addict and a prostitute whom he will never spend a dime on.

Meanwhile, Anell rendered an apology to him on Father’s day.

But Kennedy turned a blind eye because he claimed he will rather use his money to “chop” prostitutes with HIV/ AIDS than to spend it on Anell.

In one of her posts on Facebook, Moira alleged that Kennedy at age 33, lured girls, drugged them and abandoned them to their fate.

She expressed her disappointment at how Ghanaians hail Hon. Kennedy Agyapong despite his alleged evil deeds which are yet to be discovered.

She wrote on Facebook wall saying;

“In this part of the world, you can be a 33year old man, lure girls into your house, get them drugged, impregnated, abandoned and still become the most respected lawmaker! Great Country…

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