You can’t be misbehaving and run away from 2020 campaign – Ken Agyapong to Addison

Outspoken Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, has fired the Bank of Ghana Governor, Ernest Addison, for not taking into account the interest of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in his line of work at the Central Bank and yet expects ‘others’ to campaign to win 2020 for him to continue in office.

According to the NPP lawmaker in an interview transcribed by from Net2 TV, Governor Addison was no where to be found when the party was toiling for power in 2016 but he is now occupying a lucrative position and working against the interest of the party by awarding contracts to people who are ‘NPP saboteurs’.

He was reacting to news of procurement irregularities in the selection of Bank of Ghana receivers, saying the receivers were handpicked, instead of a competitive bidding process which would have ensured that the country got value for money and catering for NPP interest.

Kennedy Agyapong says he has news that one of the receivers, Eric Nana Nipah, who is a Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers (Ghana) Limited (“PwC”), was actually handpicked without any “background checks” to do the work he is doing with the banks, chasing properties of directors, defaulters, as well as collecting money from BoG to pay customers.

Also, the cost of their engagements which include the management of the Ghana Consolidated Bank (CBG) as consultants, is not known to the taxpayer, but only officials of BoG, Ministry of Finance and directors of the companies.

Mr. Agyapong said the selection process for a receiver for Bank of Ghana in the case of insolvent banks, Microfinance and Savings and Loans is just one example out of many instances where the BoG boss thinks he is his own man.

He says Ernest Addison simply selected someone without any proper due diligence and “background checks” and the said person is sabotaging the NPP.

“The guy doesn’t have the bigger picture, and all he is doing is to sabotage this government. We are stupid to give the contract to him… I don’t give a damn about the governor! What is he doing over there “No no no…! Hell no!”

“When we were campaigning where was he [Addison]? If he doesn’t take care in July [2020] he will be the only person to go to the bush to campaign. He will campaign! Hell no!”, he screamed.

This is not the first time Kennedy Agyapong is opening fire on the Bank of Ghana boss or any other state enterprise CEO. What is however clear is that most times, when Mr. Agyapong ‘opens fire’ on anyone, contracts are at stake.


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