Renowned music producer and musicologist Willie Roy has lauded High life singer Yaw Stone for his exceptional dexterity in singing and music craftsmanship, especially his ability to play the castanet instrument with his toes whiles playing the guitar, thus making him a world class performer.

Judging Yaw Stone’s latest single Woara on Zylofon fm’s Showbiz Agenda show on Thursday morning, the  Artistes and Repertoire Manager of Zylofon Arts Fund described Yaw Stone as an exceptionally talented young artiste who is fit to feature on any stage across the Globe. “I can say on authority that this guy here is one of the most talented artistes in Ghana. He is one of the few musicians who is gifted with the talent of playing the guitar and playing the castanet with his toes at the same time”

He advised the label to endeavor going every length in establishing the links and the needed environment to enable Yaw Stone reach the highest pedestal in music.

He said he believes Yaw Stone is one talented artiste who is ready and can make Ghana proud internationally.

Recently, Willie Roi  disclosed his high time failure in managing musicians with egos and pride. Explaining further, he said he will not hesitate to let go stubborn artistes

According to the renowned sound engineer, it is best to do away an artiste, once you notice signs of pride in the beginning before they attain fame.

“Once I see signs of pride at the initial stages of our union, where the artiste cannot be humble, I drop him or her”, he mentioned.

Mr. Roi pointed out that, fame causes artistes to change their attitudes, hence it is better to avoid an obstinate artiste, before fame makes him or her worse.

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