‘Wicked churches’ making marriage difficult for boys and girls – Obofour

Founder and Leader of Anointed Palace Chapel Reverend Obofour has blamed Ghanaian Churches for being the cause of the increasing rate of promiscuity by unmarried men and women in the country.

He observed that the strict rules regarding marriages set out by some churches make it difficult for young people to willingly settle.

Rev. Obofour said the youth prefer to fornicate by staying single due to the harsh rules set by churches concerning marriages.

He said it is pointless for churches to instruct to-be-couples to go through three to six months counseling course before they are allowed to walk down the aisle.

Rev Obofour wondered why the churches have taken over marriage ceremonies from the families, thereby, giving unbearable rules to would-be-couples.

According to him, the laid down rules by churches prevent most young girls and boys from marrying their chosen partners.

Preaching to his congregation on the first Sunday of the year of 5 January 2020, Rev. Obofour said: “There is no quotation in the Bible that gives Pastors the rights to be in charge of marriages, no pastor has any right to oversee marriages, marriages should be performed by the families. Churches are the cause of fornication in the country, the marriage rules are unbearable, why must the church take the power from the families when it comes to marriage? The churches are wicked because they want offering, they force to-be-couples to wed on Saturdays.”


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