White Police Officer Explains Why Blacks Are Been Killed In America

Dan Stevenson is an ex-police officer with over 23 years of service in Chicago. He explained why Blacks are been killed in the United States of America (USA).

He stated that, Blacks are just like the children of Israel that were taken into slavery by the hosts of Pharaoh.

His revelation explains the fact about how an officer of the law kneeled on a black American neck with no remorse whatsoever.

He also continued to say that Blacks are God’s people highly favored that is why these killings are going on. He explained that if it weren’t so, Blacks would have still been enslaved.

The ex-police officer stated that we were God’s chosen that means we were favored and with those who meant us to be slaves seeing it going like this, they went for killing even if they find any single piece of evidence.

Story by Nana Esi Nhyira

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