VIDEO: Gospel Singer AQUIA Talks About LIFE and Music Experience

Gospel music is a genre of Christian music, the creation, performance, significance and even the definition of it on some occasion varies according to culture and social content.

Doris Aquia Temeng-Holmes popularly known as AQUIA granted an exclusive interview to YONKO TV monitored by this portal, she talked about her life, her music experience and many others.

Gospel Music has been an appreciation tool when it comes to informing you on the power of humanity and spirituality. A phenomenal gospel song with great lyrical content will usually strike joy with deep wits, reveal inner purpose and enhance a deeper connection with God for many Christians.

Asked when she started music, she started singing has been part of her From childhood.

“I started singing in my primary school days till high school which I subsequently formed a band with some friends in school. It was an amazing experience that time” – – She said.

Born in Dansoman, a town in Accra. AQUIA is known to have had and developed her singing talent at an early stage in life. She recalls making the most noise amongst her siblings in the house with singing.

She further made her point clear when asked by the interviewer on statement from US president Donald Trump, to Africans time back.

“I think his statement was unpleasant in describing Africans as such but it was the hardest truth, he spoke the ugly truth. It should entreat our leaders to do more, it should prompt them to do more to better the living condition of citizens in our continent, they should do better”—she added.

She promised to release the long awaited album this year and assured every listener for a life changing experience with her songs on the album. She concluded by reminding everyone that God love them and its never late for HIM to fulfill his promise in lives of every individual. She went ahead to encourage the youths to never give up no matter the obstacles and challenges.


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