Types Of Annoying Women According To Men

You’ve probable had that now not-so-best experience while you meet a man and after an afternoon/week/month of courting you comprehend that nah, he’s not the type. And the search starts all yet again, if that’s your thing, of direction. Unsurprisingly, it’s the same for guys! There are a few things, red flags, small info, and conduct that simply placed them off. All those combined collectively shape the type of ladies guys want to keep away from. Want to understand what they are? Here are 10 types of ladies all guys run from.

Social media addict

There’s nothing incorrect with having some social media presence – after all, it’s an amazing platform to promote your business and a way to keep in contact with your friends. But it’s no longer regular whilst girls (or guy for that matter) are extra focused on their social media lives than on actual ones. Some ladies get hooked on that fake sense of approval they get from social media and even when they begin dating they attention more on posting pix to Instagram than gaining knowledge of their accomplice. It’s a big no-no for guys.


This sort of woman is certainly horrifying due to the fact she is overbearing, likes to control actually the whole thing, continually knows higher (that may even be proper), and could make any man she dates experience depressing by way of the end of their relationship. Which, of direction, will stop pretty soon as it’s miles not possible to live under such pressure. She will continually tell her man that he is inaccurate and could try to show him the way to the higher future.


Yet there are girls who use their sexuality to trap guys in. These girls generally appearance beautiful, exude sensuality, take tremendous care of themselves to look lovely, but are quite rotten inside. Her genuine nature will certainly display itself and she’ll start the use of sex as leverage to get what she wishes.

Gold digger

We can all agree that gold diggers are the worst. They can also appear captivating, loving, and being concerned, however they are handiest after guys’s money and not anything else. It can be hard to inform if the lady is a gold digger at the start sight, but as times is going by some pink flags start to pop out. Such girls usually depend on a man’s pocket with regards to paying tabs and that they take it with no consideration. They try to trap guys right into a more pricey lifestyle and make them spend more money that allows you to be collectively with them. Naturally, guys hate the ones varieties of ladies and we can without difficulty apprehend why.

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