TRENDING VIDEO: Pastor Dag Heward Mills Says Grown-up Women Who Are Still Virgins Weren’t Beautiful At A Certain Age

The founder and leader of Lighthouse Chapel Int. Pastor Dag Heward-Mills has stirred the internet with controversies about women who are still virgins at a particular age.

According to him in a viral video, grown up women who are still virgins and brag about it were not beautiful at a certain age.

The man of God implies that, once you are a beautiful young lady, you MUST loose your virginity at a certain age.

The video has gone viral on Twitter with many black lashes from women who feel disrespected by his proclamation.

People are wondering if Pastor Dag Heward-Mills has been taking some lessons from counsellor Lutherodt? Because this assertion is a typical one of Counsellor Lutherodt.

Watch video below;

Story by Nana Esi Nhyira

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