SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!! Sherifa Gunu Entreat GH Media to Support Their Own

Multiple Award Winning African female soul musician Sherifa Gunu has entreat in an interview on Zylofon fm that, Ghana media should support their own and not focus on other Acts from different country.

According to Sherifa, the media in Ghana specifically the DJs are giving their attention and platform to foreign acts which ends up with no input.

“You will see a DJ or Journalist here in Ghana promoting other artist in different country but refused to do same to theirs, is bad and won’t help to develop our music business” – – she stressed.

She further went ahead to plead with stakeholders and Industry Players to help Artist in Ghana here for they deserve it.

Sherifa Gunu is slated to perform at this year’s Afrofest Music Festival in Toronto Canada. Congratulations to her and we wish her well.

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