Stop begging me for MOMO like I owe you – Rapper CJ Biggerman to fans

Ghanaian rapper, Christian Jojo Joshua, otherwise known as CJ Biggerman, is overwhelmed with the number of people who are asking for money through social media.

In a post sighted by, the ‘Moni’ composer lamented most of these beggars are trying so hard to use sweet words to sway him for the money.

According to him, all this started after he decided to support some of his fans following the partial lockdown in some parts of the country to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

He issued a warning that he won’t send money to them so they should stop disturbing him.

Read his post below:

“Hi guys, i know we are in hard times and we all trying to find solutions to it. Some of us in our little way decided to do giveaways. Pls it wasn’t by force but I decided to do it. I don’t appreciate some people coming in my Inbox sending countless of messages as if i owe them. Especially those hiding behind i am your die hard fan blah blah blah.

“I am not naive and you can’t sway me with sweet talks thinking i am gullible. I share my songs on here and trust me i know almost all those who have been supporting me from day one and they don’t send me numerous text for me to know they are die hard fans so as to take money from me. It is very annoying pls to all those sending those messages I won’t give you so stop thank you. U send me even on snapchat smfh,” CJ Biggerman wrote on Facebook.


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