Shatta Wale turns ‘notable balloon man’ in music video for his hit song ‘My Level’.

The music video for one of the most important songs of 2018 is out and we’ve all been awaiting this moment. Shatta Wale has dropped the authentic music video for his monster hit song ‘My Level’ which was directed by Sesan.

Even in case you are not keen on Shatta Wale, you can’t deny the truth that, his track ‘My Level’ is this type of huge track accessible and each time it comes on, you possibly can’t withstand singing along it.

Yes! “Maybe today anor get nothing, but the tomorrow ago get something, and I ago buy motor for Mama oooo”—-Who doesn’t love this track huh?

The track video starts with Shatta Wale coming out of his old East Legon ‘Green house’ building holding a Storm Energy drink, then he’s exceeded a hard and fast of ballons by way of one of the big SM fans, Shatta Berry then before we know it, the dancehall king starts levitating into the sky with his ballon.

People get surprised and begin looking on as he sings the lyrics of the famous music.

Well, this is absolutely exceptional and in as a great deal as we had been aggravating for a music video for the track, we were not expecting this concept for this idea, however we bet the director desired some thing out of the regular.

For me, I was waiting to see a few transition from the day he lived in that ‘Green residence’ to the time he gets his important record label deal at Zylofon, then perhaps in pleasure takes mother to get her a brand new Range Rover ( you understand Wale loves Range) then we take the celebration to his new mansion with plenty of women, booze, and the Militants smashing a few ass and all that—Well, I’m not a director, so allow’s us to enjoy in this creative piece.

Aside from that, it’s a fun video to look at as Shatta brings humour to everything as he levitates –Oh you should see the instant the balloons burst, the facial expressions on my own.

Watch the video below:

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