Sammy Gyamfi Cautions The NDC’s To Retaliate Any Attack

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) communications officer, Sammy Gyamfi has urged its members and supporters to defend themselves against any attack or voilence.
Speaking in a recent press conference monitored by, he stated clearly that NDC members should do whatever they can do to protect themselves from harm or even death.
“Comrades who are listening to us this afternoon, do not sit aloof and allow these cowards and criminals to beat you and even kill you,” Sammy Gyamfi said.


He cautioned the security agencies to rise up and be counted. “As for the police, they have been rendered useless by the NPP government” he added.


According to him, December 7 polls is not far. And the next NDC government will fish all of them out and deal with them drastically, including the policemen and army men in uniform, he fumed.

He vividly mentioned a police commander at Efutu.

The day President Akufo-Addo will exit office will be the last day they will serve as policemen and millitary men.

He added that, the NDC government will deal with them mercilessily.



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