Salma Mumin uses ‘juju’ and sleep with married men too for cash – Moesha Buduong

Moesha Boduong and Salma Mumin have drawn swords at each other’s throat over their artificial butt beef which has been rekindled.

Verbally attacking Salma for saying she won’t ever talk to her again in a recent interview, Moesha took to social media to call out the “HashTag” actress for being jealous of her and a fake friend who secretly talk bad about her.

Months ago, Moesha Boduong alleged that despite Salma Mumin shading her for working on her body, she has also gone to Turkey to have cosmetic surgery to enhance her figure. Since then, both actresses have been walking on eggshells when it comes to any matter concerning them.

Further dragging her foe, Moesha also revealed that Salma Mumin heavily relies on black magic for her business in the movie industry and for that, most industry colleagues don’t want her as a friend. Watch the video below for Salma’s comment about Moesha which reignited their beef.

And then Moesha replied, alleging that she sleeps with married too and use juju.

Meosha's rep;y to SalmaMeosha’s rep;y to Salma
Moesha's fires at Salma and accuse her of using juju and sleeping with married men
Moesha’s fires at Salma and accuse her of using juju and sleeping with married men

Swipe through the post below for Salma’s reply.


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