READ: Fameye Responds Angrily To A Fan

Ghanaian musician popularly known as Fameye has reacted furiously to some comments he received from one of his fans on twitter.

Some music lovers say musician, Fameye always does songs with the major content in the song been hustling,  struggling,  suffering and contents of such nature.

According to some music lovers, he should start talking about different contents in his songs.  This is because they are tired of listening to him as if he is the only one suffering in life.

Well! a fan tweeted that;

” Chale, squad for get different content give Fameye waa. Every song he go make biaa the content be ‘nothing i get ‘ like ebi only am p3 dey struggle for life.  Tsw”

And now Fameye has come out to reply that,

“Tins only go bee for you on social media !nokwr3 bia nim? Go lisin all my sngs I drp not features I no get 1 single Sef I talk say I Dey suffer for inside nothing I get sef I no talk say I Dey sofa just my recent song I did to honor Kwaadee is actually the song I sed … kwasia.

He added again in local dialete that,

Guy nia wodwen mfa me hosaa s3 nia wonim aa nie s3 me y3 nam aa wonso woy3 nkyinam! I Dey street pass you! U go make am only on social media.

Check out the screenshot below;




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