Okomfour Kwade3 comeback with “Gye Wani”

Okomfour Kwade3 comeback has been missed by using many purchasers as king of indigenous rap tune recognised in actual lifestyles as Jerry Anaba has sooner or later released his music visible off his 4 single.

Christened ‘Gye Wani’ to with Happiness, Okomfour Kwade3 took his music fans returned to how they [Patrons] loved and have been entertained together with his tune.

Indeed his comeback has been neglected by using many Ghanaians after serving his unswerving 11k followers on Facebook together with his maiden comeback song video patrons and Industry players have applauded his topnotch visuals.

Released four singles [Gye Wani, Bust Up, among others] off his upcoming album. The P1 hitmaker is also billed for the imminent S CONCERT slated on 7th December 2018.

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