Nana Romeo In Police Custody For Threatening Wendy Shay

Information spreading wide on the airwaves says,  Radio presenter, Nana Romeo of Accra  FM has been arrested for threatening to leak the $ex tape of the singer, Wendy Shay and her manager,  Bullet.

Speaking on a program in the studios of Accra FM, Nana Romeo sort to find out from Wendy Shay if she was going out with Bullet as many people believe. Nana Romeo, during the interview with Wendy Shay, insisted that Wendy Shay was having an affair with her manager, Bullet.

Due to this, Wendy Shay walked out of the interview, saying the questions she was being asked was unprofessional and would not help her brand or career in anyway.

Nana Romeo shot back by saying he still has evidence that Bullet and Wendy Shay are bonking each other.

Instead of apologizing to Wendy Shay for his unprofessional conduct, the ‘notorious’ radio personality was still running his mouth and then he told Wendy during the interview that, he has proofs to show that indeed the two of them have been sleeping with each other under the pretense of manager and signee relationship.

Nana Romeo hours after granted an interview with Zionfelix, he revealed that he has enough proofs to show that Wendy is having an affair with Bullet.

Well, seems his words have landed him into trouble as he is currently in custody with the Ghana Police service. is monitoring the case so we will definitely update this story as it develops.


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