My manager claimed he used GHC10,000 to buy a suit for me – Strika of Beasts of No Nation

The news of a young boy, Strika, who featured in the popular Beasts of No Nation movie together with Abraham Attah got the attention of almost every individual in the country yesterday August 21,2018.


According to Strika, he still has not been given his share of the money after the movie was shot and bought by Netflix, as was the agreement he had reached with those who were taking care of his finances at that time.


Born Emmanual Nii Adom Quaye, Strika said in an earlier report that he was promised a one percent cash after Beasts of No Nation was bought by Netflix, but because he was not yet eighteen years at that time, one Kofi Rabbit, a cast of the movie, and an American cast, Zowi, decided to keep the money in the bank for him and acting as signatories.


The agreement he had with the two was that the account would eventually be handed over to him when he turns eighteen years.


However, though he is almost turning nineteen years, calls to Kofi Rabbit to let him have access to his bank account have fallen on deaf ears.


That money is not the only cash that is questionable.


In an interview with GHONE TV, Strika revealed that he starred in another movie, Jungle Justice, after shooting Beasts of No Nation.


According to him, he was paid an amount which he has forgotten how much exactly, however, his manager whose name he gave as Mawuko, told him he used 10,000 cedis out of that to get him a suit.


When asked what he used the suit for, Strika said they attended an event around the National Theartre in Accra, and he wore the suit only once.


The look on his face when he was making this narration indicated that even though he was young at that time, his manager bought the 10k suit, he had concerns with it but as a child, he couldn’t voice the concerns out.


Strika and Abraham Attah, together with another boy called Justice, were both picked on the streets to star in Beasts of No Nation.


After that movie, they were taken to a Montessori in Cape Cost but Strika couldn’t continue with the schooling, and so decided to relocate to Accra, Strika said.


He then made it clear to one of their guardians whose name he gave as Mr. Sam, that he was not interested in school because no matter how much he was taught, he couldn’t grasp anything.


In his own words, Strika believed that schooling is not for him, therefore he is expecting Kofi Rabbit to hand over his account details to him so that he could use his money to learn a trade or start his own business.


Strika is currently selling yam on the streets of Accra where he also begs for alms for survival.



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