Lydia Forson takes ignorant critics of Ghanaian films

Actress, Lydia Forson has schooled critics of films produced in Ghana by means of Ghanaian Industry, actors and actresses.

Last year, Gabby Otchere Darko who is one of the governing New Patriotic Party stalwarts criticized films produced in Ghana describing them with unprintable words.

He received a backlash from human beings inside the film industry for talking ill on an enterprise where they ought to do the entirety on their very own.

But in a related tale, actress Lydia Forson has lashed out at Ghanaians who criticize the negative film enterprise.

To her, they ought to be given a wreck due to the fact there’s no funding in the industry and therefore they paintings very hard to make sure that movies are produced inside the country.

She noted that if Ghanaians have been inclined to make investments in the industry, they could be capable of produce higher movies so they (Ghanaians) need to comprehend the good paintings they do.

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