KK Fosu Accuses Rex Omar Of “Chopping” Musicians Money At GHAMRO

KK Fosu has directed some hot fire at Rex Omar, chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO).

He alluded that, Rex Omar, one of the pioneers of highlife music, is enjoying privileges from his position and has hence, forgotten about his call to help the somewhat deprived industry.

He told host of Showbiz Agenda, Sammy Flex last Friday,

“We all saw Uncle Rex before he became GHAMRO president. Now look at him, he has grown big because he is enjoying good money.”
KK Fosu lamented.

He further stressed on the fact that, with all experience and identification that, musicians are suffering. Rex Omar has neglected all that and thinking of how to enrich himself at the entity as GHAMRO Chairman.

“Abiba” hit maker is one of the initiators for the “highlife will survive” agenda, however, he seems to have obliterated the plan from his activities”– he added.

Rex Omar is currently in his second year after been sworn into office as the president for the Ghana Music Rights Organization.
The highlife legend is well noted for songs like, “Obo Do Ba”, “Abiba”, “Daabi Da”, “Konka”, “Dada”, “Kokonte”, “Sika”, “Lady”, and a hoard of other songs.

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