Keeping my private life off social media gives me peace —Fuse ODG

IN a generation in which sharing the entirety has emerge as the norm on social media, with celebrities posting almost the whole lot going on of their lives, from their new companions, to their brand new cars or mansion, it’s miles thrilling to be aware that Afrobeats musician, Fuse ODG, does not share something as such public on his pages.

This is quite surprising considering how big he is and the number of followers he has. In an interview with Showbiz at his East Legon residence recently, Fuse ODG explained that he had made a deliberate decision not to post anything personal on social media to show off what he has.

“It is my personal decision not to put my private issues out on social media like we see today. There is a reason why it is called private life, it means it is for me and me alone so that is how it will be. 

“Social media is for the public and it is only my public side that they have to know which is what I am known for, what they patronise, projects that involve them, my music and anything related to my acts so there is no need putting my private life out here,” he told Showbiz.

For Fuse ODG, the decision was easy to make when he took his peace of mind into consideration.

“What this does is that, it does not put unnecessary pressure on me, I do not worry about some things. The expectations of me are not much so even if I’m not able to meet them, it is no big deal. 

“This helps you in overcoming depression because you have little or nothing to worry about, I have my peace of mind and that is what matters and I will not trade it for anything. Rather, it is when you put everything about you, the car you drive, the mansion you have that you will get people come at you if you lose them,” Fuse ODG added.

That privacy extends to his relationship and although he confirmed he was dating, he would not disclose the lady’s identity. He also disclosed that he would soon get married.

Fuse ODG, real name Nana Richard Abiona, is very much into promoting a positive African agenda and changing the often negative narrative.

It is in this light that he urged the youth in Ghana and on the African continent as a whole to be more conscious and question some of the things they have been fed with over the years.

According to him, we have followed teachings from a white man’s school of thought and forgot who we were in the process.

“It is time we changed our mentality towards certain things, we need to start questioning some of the things we are told or follow and this can only be achieved if we read wide and research, we should protect our culture.

“We need to go back to our roots and be proud of who we are, where we come from and it should show in everything we set out to do as Ghanaians, we should not allow our culture to go just like that,” he said.

Recently, Fuse ODG successfully held the maiden edition of his TINA Festival and he told Showbiz, he intended to make it an annual event.

“I believe we can achieve it.  When you look at the TINA Festival, it was great, the lectures, exchange of ideas etc shows that people are ready to challenge the statues quo only if it is brought to them.

“Let’s look at my Nana Dolls, for instance, it represents black women who are making it or made their people proud. I want an era where a black baby would want to have a black doll; you see that is where the training starts, when these children identify themselves with things from a tender age, they grow with it.”

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