Juliet Ibrahim Cursing Men Who Cheats

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It appears Juliet Ibrahim remains tormented by the broken heart given to her by the Nigerian rapper, Iceberg Slim. The Ghanaian actress has rained curses on dishonest guys in her new post on Instagram.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, God will bless all men courting only one girl with a monetary step forward this year. They will see their lifestyles trade with a outstanding velocity achievement.

But for guys relationship more than one female as Iceberg Slim did to her, thunder will strike them. She warned guys relationship more men not to type “Amen” underneath her post or risk being struck

Juliet Ibrahim posted:

There is the clear indication from the countless posts from Juliet Ibrahim attacking men which proves she is still suffering from being dumped by Iceberg Slim. But she still insists she is okay…well we wish her well with her broken heart

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