John Mahama And Ben Dotsei Reacts Over Sammy Gyamfi’s “Insensitive” Cartoon

A former appointee under the John Mahama led administration, Ben Dotsei Malor has reacted with his former boss over Sammy Gyamfi’s “insensitive” cartoon.

The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC’s)  Sammy Gyamfi tweeted a cartoon to depict the injustice punishment to the Ghanaian voter. However, the cartoon was an illustration of the cruel way in which George Floyd was violently murdered by the police in the United States of America.

Ben Dotsei Malor, the former Communications Advisor to ex- President John Dramani Mahama has condemned the Cartoon and has said that it was wrong for the NDC’s Communications Director to post such an insensitive image.

He said,  “GHANA:  Has the “Cartoon Guy”  apologised yet? Does he realise that what is wrong is wrong?  Could he man up, please?”

Check out the screenshot below;


However, his former boss and leader of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahamahas, on the contrary, defended Sammy Gyamfi’s post.

He said,  to him he sees nothing wrong with the cartoon shared by the National Communications Director of the largest opposition political party,  and that people who are criticizing Sammy Gyamfi are exhibiting double standards.

His post read “A tale of two cartoons” :

Check out the screenshot below;



Meanwhile, Sammy Gyamfi has defended the post and have said he will not apologise because the post is a depiction of the injustice meted on the Ghanaian voter.






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