International Gathering Of The Saints is a non-denominational Christian organization which is focused on the mission of Jesus Christ. It is also a charity organization which supports orphans and the needy. IGOTS originated from Leeds, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom with the idea of bringing all Christians worldwide together and supporting the growth of Christianity through winning of souls. It is an organization and a family of multicultural where all race feels welcomed. IGOTS has branches in United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Zimbabwe, Liberia, South Africa, Ghana, China, Zambia and Sweden .

It is also an organization where the word of God is preached with the demonstration of His power and manifestation of His glory.
Our events are hosting of conferences, Camp meetings, Mission and evangelism and Public benefits such as orphan, prisons , donations and many more. We seek to help up coming ministers and churches to grow and also create Christians and pastoral networking. All Christians are welcome as well as all race regardless of where you are coming from. We seek to empower churches and believers to be on fire and to support their churches as well as their leaders. It’s a place of fire prayers , sound and undiluted word of God that prepare every believer to seek the Lord in their daily lives. A place where we love and care for each other. We welcome everyone to be part of this Godly family and your life will never be the same.

Our coming conference is on 23rd and 24th of February 2018. We hope to see you there God bless you.

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