I knew MzVee would leave Lynx Entertainment – Feli Nuna

Lynx Entertainment is arguably one of the best Record Labels in the country and it has seen and nurtured into superstars many talented acts including rapper Asem, Ziggy, Eazzy, Feli Nuna, Kidi, Kuame Eugene and until quite recently MzVee.

Many industry players have ascribed different theories and conspiracies as the reason for the exit of MzVee, after being with the label for eight years.

Whiles her exit came as a shock to many, one person who didn’t seem surprised and actually claimed she knew it was bound to happen is Feli Nuna.

The artiste, also a former signee of the label, who left because according to her, the record label stifled her creativity, was on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM with Mamavi earlier on Thursday and stated categorically that she knew the day would come when MzVee would leave the Lynx Entertainment label.

“I knew she was going to leave, I feel like the exit was in due time and I am happy for her as well”, she said.

Asked if she knew the reason MzVee left the Lynx Entertainment Label, she responded in the negative but wished MzVee well in her new path.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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