We all have attempted dieting at one or another point of our life.

Do you find this situation familiar: you eat at 8h, come to work at 9h,  and by 11h you are already super hungry? And the lunch time still seems so far, far away. Today let’s talk about healthy snacking, how to avoid feeling hungry and how you can snack the right and healthy way.

How to eat and snack the healthy way?

Well, everyone knows about healthy eating nowadays. Everyone have heard that you should avoid sugar, processed foods, and include fruits, vegetables and healthy fats into your diet.

Another one of the main rules of healthy eating is that you should eat every 2, 3 or 4 hours, so that you avoid feeling hungry and so that your body never starves.

But how to snack the healthy way? If you eat more often than usual,  then the logic is to make your portions smaller, it will help your metabolism to work smoothly and your energy levels will be kept even.

If you eat more often than usual and keep your portions as big as they usually are, then you risk to enlarge the size of your stomach, which can lead to the risk of gaining weight.

Therefore,  the good rule to follow would be to eat three or four times a day,  and have two three healthy snacks, depending on your lifestyle and taste. If you start working at 7h or 8h in the morning, then at around 11h you can snack with an apple or a yoghurt. If you stay at work until very late in the evening, then you can snack with a handful of dried fruits and nuts, in order to cut the appetite and not to overeat by the dinner time.

And now it’s talk about smacking.  So, how should we snack the healthy way?

First of all, it’s important to choose some healthy snacks, which can include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Also if you have a good healthy breakfast and lunch, then probably you will feel so full, that you will not need any snacking.

Now let’s look at top healthy snacks that you can include in your diet, so that your health benefits from it.

Top healthy snacks:

Natural yoghurt

This product is very rich in protein, it can improve digestion and relieve general body stress. Yoghurt helps create beneficial microflora in your gut, which can boost your immune system, and restore the healthy functioning of the body.  Yoghurt is also rich in calcium, therefore your nails, teeth, and hair can also benefit from it. It’s important to choose natural yoghurt, without any additives or sugar, for best benefits.

Green tea

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and it is a true helper when it comes to boosting your metabolism, and therefore, it can definitely help in losing weight. Asian people are well-known in their love towards green tea, and you can actually very rarely meet Asian people who are overweight. Thanks to its rich antioxidant content, green tea is also very beneficial for your skin, it helps nourish and rejuvenate its texture and boosts youthfulness.


Bananas are packed with vitamins, and it’s nature’s own healthy snack, that is even neatly packed for you. Bananas contain nutrients that help moderate body’s blood sugar level, and they are also rich in antioxidants. They contain potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese,  and fibre.

Black chocolate

It might sound strange that we recommend chocolate for snacking, but black chocolate has really exceptional health benefits: it can help relieve stress, improve memory and immune system, and it’s also very beneficial for the harmonious functioning of the brain. Therefore you can surely allow yourself a snack of dark chocolate every now and then.


Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our old, good friend avocado. It contains a lot of healthy fats,  and they are beneficial not only for your stomach, but also can significantly improve the look of your skin. Avocado can decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in the body,  improving the functioning of the brain and heart.


Quinoa is rich in fibre, and can tremendously improve the functioning of the stomach.  It is rich in vitamins that are necessary for the beauty and health of our body. It contains protein fibre, magnesium,  manganese, iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus and even protein. Quinoa has low glycemic index, which is very good for blood sugar control.

So now you, you can see that the healthy snacking is not only a good way to feel full longer,  but it’s also a vitamin bomb for our body, in a good way, of course.

What are your favourite healthy snack foods?

Stay beautiful!


Source: Beauty and Tips

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