‘Heels and Sneakers’ brought me to the limelight – Adrah


‘Heels and Sneakers’ brought me to the limelight – Adrah

Creative art talents abound in Ghana but only those who have made it to the top catch the attention of the public. This is not unexpected though so the DAILY HERITAGE (DH), considering how the media can help creative artists develop their talents, has decided to hold up up-and-coming talents with promise by promoting them by way of publication.

To this end, the paper would publish interviews and works of these budding talents it describes as ‘Stars on the rise’ so that the public can get to know more about them in terms of their backgrounds and works.

This maiden edition introduces the Ghallywood actress, model and make-up artiste, Gifty Adrah (GA).

Gifty holds a degree in software engineering from the IPMC. She has featured in several movies and television series like ‘Heels and Sneakers’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Ugly Bargain’, ‘The First Note’, ‘Desperate Strangers’, ‘Absolute Corruption’, ‘24 June’ and yet to be released TV series ‘Home of Fuckery’.

DH: Good day, Gifty, thank you for accepting to have a chat with the DAILY HERITAGE.

Most people would recognise you as an up-and-coming Ghallywood actress, what other talents or skills do you possess that you would like people to know about?

GA: Hmm, I will have to say photo modelling but that is just aside, it is not something I do professionally, maybe when I am less busy. The modelling world is very competitive, I had rather stick to what I know how to do best – that is the acting.

DH: So tell us, who are some of the celebrities you have had the opportunity to work with?

GA: I have worked with Yvonne Nelson, Prince David Osei, Hans Anuku, Salma Mumuni, Jessica Lanyo Jessica Williams, and John Dumelo. Those are the few for now.

DH: Let’s talk about the newest film you featured in, what that movie is all about and what role you played in it.

GA: OK, it is actually yet to be released but the title is ‘Home of Fuckery’. I played a supporting role, as a blackmailer, to get what I wanted and make money easily.

DH: What attracted you to begin a career as an actor? Why do you feel this is the ideal profession for you?

GA: ‘By the Fire Side’ attracted me into acting. The cast looked and acted so real. So it encouraged me to take acting as an ideal profession. I joined the church drama group at the age of eight years and always participated in the school drama. At 18, I could not imagine myself doing anything else so I decided to try and pursue a career as an actress.

DH: Motivation is important within the acting profession. What would you say is your motivator currently?

GA: Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is my motivator.

DH: How do you remain positive and focused within your role?

GA: My script keeps me focused and also positive.

DH: How do you evaluate the success of your role in ‘Heels and Sneakers’?

GA: ‘Heels and Sneakers’ brought out the best in me. I will give it 70%.

DH: Taking your mind back to the beginning of your career, what has been your greatest accomplishment as an actress?

GA: When I compare my movies fours year back, I could not play any challenging roles except the role of a mad person. But now I have realised that in acting you must prepare yourself for any role.

DH: Tell me about a situation that has made you proud since beginning your career. Why was this and what was the outcome?

GA: When I started acting I did not have the money to pay for auditions and producers and directors turned me out. But now I do not have to pay that money anymore.

DH: From a profession context, what do you feel your greatest weakness is?

GA: Sometimes a colleague on set will do something to put me off so it would not bring out the best in me. And would not act well.

DH: What has acting added to your life?

GA: It has broken away my shyness.

DH: If I were to contact your previous employer and ask them to highlight areas you could improve in, what do you think they would say?

GA: I don’t know what exactly they will say. As I said, my previous performance was not good as compared to now. OK, there was a time Yvonne Nelson told me I talk fast and so I should try and calm down, which gradually I was able to do.

DH: If I were to contact your previous employer and ask them to describe your work ethic, what would they say and, do you agree with this?

GA: They will say I am good and I’m principled.


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