Govt to provide for 10,435 PWD’s during lockdown – Gender Minister

Minister for Gender and Social Protection has announced government will provide food and shelter for 10,435 Persons with Disabilities (PWD’s) during the two-week partial lockdown.

Speaking at a press briefing on April 1, Mrs. Cynthia Morrison says some 20 mentally challenged persons on the streets are going to picked and catered for in a facility during the lockdown.

“We are going to provide food and shelter for 10,435 PWD’ during the lockdown and we’re going to give hot meals to our brothers and sisters on the streets. We also have 20 mentally challenged persons on the streets who are going to be picked and catered for in a facility. We will also train the vulnerable on the streets on social distancing and personal hygiene,” she stated.

Mrs Morission adds, her outfit has also conducted a headcount for about 1,500 head porters also known as ‘Kayayei’ who sleep on the streets, adding, they will be well accommodated, provided food and water during the lockdown.

Meanwhile, over 30 women and children in two trucks en route the Northern Region were impounded at the checkpoint of a COVID- 19 joint security at Duampompo in the Ejisu-Juaben Municipality in the Ashanti Region.

The driver had covered the trucks with tarpaulins to try and outsmart the security personnel stationed at the various checkpoints.

Passengers on board the vehicles were mostly head porters who were travelling to the North East Region with their children.

According to these women, when they heard of the lockdown, they decided to go to their hometowns because they have nowhere to sleep in the city.


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