Former Managers of Lil Win and Patapaa end WAR over one corner

Former managers for Kwadwo Nkanash popularly referred to as Lil Win and well-known ‘One Corner’ hit makerPatapaa Amisty have eventually resolved their impasse after collection of media battle over the unique owner of the tune.

Zack GH of Lil Win and Godfred Bokpin who used to manipulate Ghana’s ‘awesome’ megastar Patapaa were brought together in Kumasi over the weekend after studios discussion on Metro Fm.

There turned into drama after the Host of Metro Entertainment Extra, Tony Montana invited the two unknowingly for a dialogue after which he requested them to stop their feud.

Godfred Bokpin who had come all the manner from Accra at the initial stage of the negotiation was a chunk furious and did now not recognize why the host had invited him all of the manner from the capital just to be instructed he has to make peace with Zack GH.

It became almost the same with Lil Win’s former manager Zack GH who turned into reluctant to the peace agreement.

The peace manner took almost an hour for them to forgive each other in particular Godfred who concept Zack GH disrespected him first before his retaliation.

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