Former Legon Student, Kwame Opoku’s Full 11-Minute Atopa Movie With Popular Pono Star trending (Video)

The story of the previous Legon student who turned into seen acting in a pono movie with a popular pono famous person called Keisi Monroe is back on our information desk, although we truely closed it final year.

If you’ll recollect sometime in February 2018, posted a story of a younger guy called Nana Kwame Opoku who finished the University of Ghana in 2012 caught shagging a woman in a video.

After we first posted the story right here, Nana Opoku reached out to us, and explained that, he’s not a pono actor and that he had most effective paid the girl in the video for sekz as certainly one of his bucket listing adventures and despite the fact that he became conscious it was been recorded, he never agreed that the video be launched on Pono websites.

At the time, he told us he had regretted his action and became going to ensure, he sues the lady for breach of agreement.

Well, it’s almost a year now and it seems Nana Opoku lied to us way back then as he knew what he changed into getting into. It’s now obvious that, it became in no way the case that he paid the female for atopa, but alternatively become paid to act within the grownup film.

His close buddies from Legon have instructed us , he had always joked about appearing in a Pono movie when he gets the risk to be inside the USA, but they by no means knew he was honestly going to do it.

Thing is we don’t have the ethical right to decide him. I mean I watch pono after I sense like, so I could be a hypocrite to judge him and moreso, it’s his existence so he has the proper to make selections that he feels are pleasant for him.

Watching the overall video on which has garnered greater than 400k perspectives on P*rnhub, we’re positive Nana could cross far if he takes his new career to the following stage.

We like to gossip, so we’re just telling you how it’s miles. Nana seems to be blessed and he’s surely proved that African men are huge down there, mainly Ghanaian men.

In the 11 minutes film, Nana Opoku is visible getting a BJ, a cowgirl experience and even goes on a domestic dog spree among several different positions.

We realize some of you would want to look at the full video however come on, it’s on P*rnhub, I can’t put the video here just like that or even link to it for apparent motives, but since it’s Pono and each events knew what they were into, I might give clues for folks that nonetheless need to observe.

At this degree, if you hate stuff like those, the information is over, head to what you had been doing however in case you want to look the eleven minute lengthy movement of Nana Poku, then head to P*rn-hub (in case you don’t understand that web site’s domain na your own wahala ) and seek “KELSI MONROE INTERRACIAL TAKING A B*G BLACK D**K LIVE ON CAMSODA”

Yes, I actually have asterisked the spellings of a number of the words on motive! We are all going to HELL!

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