FALSE ALERT! Actress Gloria Sarfo & Actor Mikki Osei Berko Set To Marry

Ghanaian Actress Gloria Sarfo and actor Mikki Osei Berko known by the populace as Dada Boat is set to marry.

The newly love birds dropped this news via their Instagram pages with the caption which depicts they are yet to tie the knot soon.

Earlier this morning, it was sighted by www.bibinionline.com some photos of the two posted on their Instagram pages captioned below;

Gloria wrote;

I never thought that I would finally settle down with someone within my industry/field, little did I know that pure love lives there👌💯
I have never been this happier and secured❤🙏
My all, my life, my honourable, my everything @dadaboatgh
Love lives here👌💯
Love your life and Stay safe guys🙏
Good morning 🙏🙌🙏

She continued by thanking God for grace.

She added;

Thank God for Grace🙏🙌🙏
I’ll soon tell my story👍👌💯
God is good👍💍
It pays to wait, let’s continue to love one another while we educate ourselves and take our safety measures seriously🙏
Love you always @dadaboatgh❤❤❤
Watch this space guys.
Thanks for all the prayers, love and support🙏❤💪

Nevertheless, her supposed fiance Dada Boat, also took to his Instagram page and posted likewise.

He wrote;

@gloriaosarfo my dream, my love 💓 you turned me around, you keep me safe,you protect me #Godsent# i love you always.

He continued to post his alleged fianceé saying;

@gloriaosarfo You paint my world with bright colours and bring meaning to my life.
You light up my day and spark up my soul.❤️❤️❤️🙏

However, it has emerged that the two acclaimed couples are lying about their marriage as they made everyone to believe.

After the two “love birds” shared a beautiful post which went viral earlier this morning, we are picking up signals that there is no marriage, instead they are only promoting a movie.


Unfortunately their idea to lie to their fans to get the needed hype for the movie was sadly ended soon than it could be imagined. As a result of their colleagues who shared their views on the post.

Check the reactions below;

Do you think it was right to set their followers up?

Kindly leave your comments below.


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