Exams as we all know is conducted to access students based on what they have been thought and learnt. This is done in order to help equip students with

knowledge, help them think logically and also helps in exploring the understanding rate of students with regards to formal education.


Examination is practiced in every educational institution.

Examination malpractice is turning out to be appropriate in our societies now and the nation as a whole which is really bad and shameful.

Many are students who despite the fact know that examination malpractice is abominable still happily and ignorantly engage themselves

in examination malpractice without considering the risks involved and the bad avenue it can end one at.

One of the commonest exam malpractice students engage in is what they term as “APOR” where students enter the examination hall with foreign

materials in order to be able to write their exams with ease and this act comes as a result of late preparations towards exams and mostly done by recalcitrant students.

Another cause of examination malpractice is due to the kind of education system we have. In digesting this point further, we have an education system that is centred on passing exams more than the attainment  of critical thinking, life skills and creative thoughts on the part of students. We now have a vugarised education system that prefers automatic learning to study in depth and this helps to increase examination malpractice.

We also have an examination body(WAEC ) which is more interested in making money than informing and engrossing teachers in providing quality examination.

This implies that, some exam officials with the help of some teachers intentionally leak exam questions to students just because of the dirty money they’ll gain as a result.

Having known the basic causes of examination malpractice, there is the need for immediate measures to be taken as soon as possible in order to either suppress or do away with this abominable act.

The students of today are our future and so if we sit down and watch these students engage in such acts without any reprimance, we end up nurturing corrupt leaders in our societies. And we all know the effects of corruption. Therefore, students who cheat during examinations should be punished severely in order to serve as warning to the remaining students. Some of these punishments could be suspension, dismissal and the likes.

Also there should be a counseling body that will see to it students especially the recalcitrant ones are being counselled most  often and I think in doing so, it will at least help reduce examination malpractice in our societies.

Also, government should keep a close watch on these educational bodies as well as WAEC officials. because, they are the root of examination malpractice.

In addition, as noble citizens of Ghana, let us come together and fight examination malpractice because, our students are our future. We can’t sit and watch them engage in bad activities and later become leaders of this nation.

We need to step up, develop and make the understanding clear of stopping EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE. GOD BLESS US ALL, GOD BLESS GHANA.

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