Don Little Enjoys Hot Dance From A Black American Lady

Ghanaian hilarious actor, Don Little has shared a video on his Instagram page and tells fans American lady will kill him.

The actor, who initially wanted to come back to Ghana after arriving in the United States of America, is currently seen to be enjoying himself to the fullest.

In a video sighted by, Don Little was spotted having a conversation with an American Black woman.

The lady dance very close to him and she was smooching Don Little.

However, from the looks of the video, Don Little seems to be shy of the lady.

Don Little claimed that he was just 17 years. But the lady, who was also keen to make Don Little her boyfriend at all cost, stated that she was also 17-years-old.

Don Little was heard saying “You are more than 17-years-old and you will be jailed”.

He captioned his video as “Oh God see my trouble America girl go kill me 😭😭😭”

Watch video below.





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