DKB apologizes to Pastor Brain Amoateng, urges christians to continue paying their tithe

Comedian DKB recently tagged most of the pastors in Ghana, especially Pastor Brain Amoateng as greedy men of God.

This comment from him came in as a follow up to the myriad of backlash Pastor Brian Amoateng was receiving at the time on social media for saying that the church does not owe worshippers any hand sanitizers when the number of coronavirus cases in Ghana started increasing.

After reading his bible a couple of times and listening to the counsel of another preacher, DKB has finally come back to apologize to the leader of the Brian Jones Ministries.

In a video sighted on his Instagram page, he admits that going after the man of God was not the best since he has no power to judge anybody and as such, apologized.

He also urged christians to continue paying their tithe because it is a covenant they have with their God and not the men of God who supposedly spend all the money on their earthly pleasures.


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