Delay Speaks About Her ‘Prophetic’ Calling

Television host and entrepreneur Deloris Frimpong Manso known by the populace as Delay, has reacted to her predictions about the militants of Shatta Wale.

Delay interviewed Shatta Wale’s militants about 2years ago and predicted that they were going to betray their boss.

In the interview, Delay stressed on the fact that they will surely have issues with Shatta Wale and also tipped Addi Self to be the most stubborn among them who will start any confusion should any arise.

It has come to pass that Shatta Wale has confirmed Addi Self being the mastermind of their betrayal hence, he had to sack them.

However, upon hearing that her prediction had come to pass, she took to her Instagram page to say that she has to take her ‘prophetic’ calling seriously.


Story by Nana Esi Nhyira

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