Davido Wines & Dines With 13 Presidents

As an artiste , you would know you have ‘ arrived ’ if you have good relationship with the President of your country , but when you know 13 presidents from around the world , then you know that you are on another level .

No doubt music star , Davido, is one of the most influential and sought- after artistes on the continent but things were not always rosy for him .

During a chat with MTV Base , the leader of the 30 billion gang said that his father was not happy with his career path till he had to prove his worth .
However , he claimed that now , he had reached a level where he could converse with at least 13 presidents.

“ When I released the song ‘ Back then ’ , I did not know that it was going to be that big .

Then I went back to school and the love that I was shown was overwhelming , let alone the way girls began to treat me .

That one song with the video made my father realize that I had the talent . And then , I did the song , ‘ Dami Duro ’ .

“ The song became so big and I remember that the President at the time called my father to talk about me and the song .

Even during my father ’ s business meetings with his friends , they would mention my name and the song .

Before long , I started travelling and doing shows around the world .

Now I have the numbers of about 13 presidents on my phone and if I call them, they would answer the call . Then the award came and it set me on another level . ” .

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