Bisi Adjapong thrills Audience At e-Ananse book reading[Photos]

The second edition of e-Ananse book reading session was another huge success as patrons who thronged to the Baby Nest venue in Osu last Friday were thrilled to another informative discussion. 

The event which started off around 7 pm, saw excitement on the faces of patrons as Author ‘Of Women and Frogs’, Madam Bisi Adjapon took them through her novel.

The event, first of its kind in Ghana is initiated by West blue Consulting, an Information Technology (IT) company with the aim of reintroducing readers to African culture with the use of Ghana’s Kwaku Ananse folklore.


The interaction with Author Bisi Adjapon comes after the first session was held with Stevie Nii-Adu Mensah, popularly known as Mensahighlife, author of ‘It’s Cold Oo’.

Madam Bisi Adjapon took the audience through the aspect of sex education, how to promote quality education, increase quality of life and general well-being, eradicate ignorance of early pregnancy, poverty and disease among other topics.

”The subject of sex and gender disparity has always fascinated me. But I didn’t want a didactic book. I wanted to entertain and touch hearts. I wanted to write the kind of book I loved to read, a book featuring a woman who is intelligent, well-educated, funny, romantic and has a healthy libido of sex education.” Adjapon said.

Reading culture

Madam Bisi Adjapon at the reading session backed efforts in promoting reading through public libraries by West Blue Consulting Company.

She believes that such opportunities offer school children the chance to come closer to books and also enable them have the opportunity to choose from among a variety of books.

She observed that the choice of a particular profession for any individual begins at an early stage of human development, and therefore such opportunities contribute to the decision that they would make in future.

She therefore, charged parents, guardians, opinion leaders, the media and all stakeholders at the gathering to play a role in ensuring that children cultivate the habit of reading to actively participate in the ‘e-Ananse Library’ project.

e-Ananse Library Mission

The e-Ananse Libraries are to help revitalize Ghana’s reading culture and provide people with the tools to compete in the 21st Century by giving them access to high-quality contemporary literature, state-of-the-art computing facilities, and world-class literary events.

Each library have an e-Ananse technology hub, christened the Innovation Hub, which is equipped with internet-enabled PCs which would give library-members access to the full range of resources available on the World Wide Web.

West Blue Consultant aims at using the concept to help improve the standard of education in the country.

General Manager, Mr Kingsley Abeyieh revealed the libraries are opened every Tuesdays to Fridays from 12pm to 8pm and Saturdays from 10am to 6pm.

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