Adebayor Unfollows Funny Face For Disrespecting Him

Ghanaian actor and comedian well known as Funny Face in the long run has portrayed disrespct to his very good friend Emmanuel Adebayor.


The Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor and Funny Face had been the best of friends as far as we know.


Many people had even concluded on them to be brothers since they did almost everything together and were really close.


Not so long, Funny Face engaged social media talking when his baby mama left him with his children, Ella and Bella.

He got very emotional to the extent that, he adopted the style of posting every minute on social media.


He even accused his baby Mama of being acquainted with his colleague actor Lilwin.


Funny Face dared some of his fellow comic actors, Lilwin, Kalybos, and Bismark The Joke to deny the allegations said against them.


Emmanuel Adebayor, Bola Ray, and Fadda Dickson called Funny Face and asked him to desist from those social media posts.


The added that, he should try and settle his issues peacefully since those are personal issues and do not need to be addressed on social media.

Funny Face listened to them for a moment, and then he went off again, getting very emotional on social media he started with his posts again.


Emmanuel Adebayor who probably might have felt disrespected took to Instagram page and unfollowed his brother, Funny Face.


However, he probably did not see any reason for following Funny Face.


Meanwhile, Adebayor seeing all those ‘unnecessary’ posts on social media again might have pissed him off when he actually asked Funny Face to desist from it countless times.


Funny Face then realized Adebayor unfollowed him.


He shared a post on his Instagram page sighted by, he confirmed that Adebayor had unfollowed him and beg for forgiveness from his senior brothers Adebayor, Bola Ray, and Fadda Dickson for disrespecting them.



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