Acting made me a good kisser – Jeffrey Nortey

Jeffrey Nortey, an actor, TV presenter and spoken word artist, says he learnt how to be a good kisser through acting in the movies.

However, he refused to tell the whole world which actress he enjoyed kissing with.

Jeffrey is currently one of the newest faces who have brought some freshness into the Ghanaian TV screens.

He is not only a good actor but a man of multifaceted talents. In this interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo, he opened up about his acting career.

Below is the entire interview:

How has Jeffrey been coping in this COVID-19 pandemic era?

It’s been tough for me; I have got a few pending scripts and unfinished projects. But I am taking precautions and hoping for the best.

Has the outbreak affected you in any way?

Yes, it has. It has affected my career. I can’t go on set because we are adhering to the social distancing protocols and cinemas are closed. And I must say, it has actually affected the world, but we are hopeful.

How is the movie industry doing in these hard times?

The truth is; even before this corona, the industry was facing challenges and this has made matters worse. Due to social distancing, we can’t go on set. I wonder if anyone will even give or rent a building for production. My fear is; will investors love to put their money in film after this pandemic?

What do you make of comments that the virus will be with us for a long time?

Well, according to experts, the virus stops moving when we stop moving, and take precautions. So if we really take the precautionary measures seriously, things will be better. I am a positive person; I don’t believe this virus will be with us for long. This too shall pass soon.

Let’s talk about Jeffrey. Who is he?

Jeffrey Nortey is a graduate of Jayee University, an actor, TV presenter and a spoken word artist. Let’s do the basics, and hey I am a proud Ghanaian.

Acting and spoken words; how did it all start?

Whew! I must say I am one of the few actors who at a younger age wanted to be on TV and act. It’s been my passion since I knew how to read and write. I have always had it in mind. Unlike spoken word, I started not long ago but God has been good. I am yet to do more, and I mean it.

What was your first paid job when you got in the movie industry and how much did you make?

(Laughs) My first paid job was sometime in 2013. It was a movie. I was favoured. The production has money, young producer and didn’t want to be painted black. Trust me, I can’t remember how much that was. Biggest pay so far? Hmmm… The figure might either scare some people who want to work with me. Please, let me be on the safer side.

Before getting into the scene, what was your perspective and has that changed since you joined?

Well, as I said it has been my dream. I was not thinking of the money, I didn’t even know it was lucrative. I just realised I needed money to do a lot, and the fact that it’s a million dollar industry depends on how you see it and how you brand yourself.

What are some of the movie productions you have been part of so far?

‘Dance With The Devil’, ‘Heels & Sneakers’, ‘De Ja Vu’, Iroko TV’s ‘Counter Trade’, ‘Once Upon A Family’ and’ Julor’. These are the few I am proud of, but more to come.

Which of the productions will you consider is dearest to your heart and why?

Very difficult question. I learn from every production and appreciate every production I have been on. There has been no favourite so far.

Which one of the female actresses do you enjoy acting with?

I believe the few I have worked with, I have not had a second chance with them, so I can’t judge now. Maybe when we have this interview again, when we are talking about my Oscar movie (laughs).

Have you ever been in a sex for role situation, and how did you deal with it?

Never! Sometimes I imagine how the approach is going to be like.

Many have asked questions about kissing roles. Have you had any exciting and bad moments you want to share?

First of all, let me confess acting made me a good kisser. I didn’t want to disgrace myself. I remember kissing my mirror often in the name of practising. I am professional about this thing called acting; I handle it like any other scene.

You are passionate about spoken words. Where does your energy come from?

Hmmm… God will take the praise. I don’t even know how I started, story for another day. Energy? I put in my 100 in everything I do. Trust me, if I wake up a singer or rapper, other musicians will be in trouble (laughs).

Where do you come from?

I come from Dodowa, to be precise.

Which schools did you attend?

For primary, I went to Cosmos Basic School. I attended three secondary schools; St. Thomas Aquinas, Mampong Presec and Ghanata Senior High School. After SHS, I went to Ghallywood to study acting then went to Jayee University to read journalism and public relation.

Growing up, what did you want to become? And why?

(Laughs) I have always wanted to become an actor. Even the devil is not surprised I am acting.

Is Jeffrey married? If not, what is he waiting for?

(Laughs) Please, I am not married. When I am sound physiologically, mentally, financially and I meet a lady that will give me peace, I will settle.

Have you dated anyone in the movie industry before?

No, please.

If you look back at your career, will you say stardom has helped you?

I didn’t even think of fame growing up. I later realised it comes with the job. Yes, it has helped and helping. I mount certain platforms I don’t think I would ever had had if not for exposure. My family is proud of me. And also, God is going to make me more famous because He and I know, we have got work to do with it.

Source: Daily Guide Network

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